TV Tries to Figure Out Their Fall Line Up

ABC, NBC and CBS are remaining flexible in their planning, not cementing their schedules yet. This is the week they normally would wine and dine the advertising community parading their stars before them and offering a tantalizing glimpse of the fall line-up. This year, not so much. They don’t know yet and haven’t committed too much. NBC is scrambling to figure out what to do with the Olympics moved back to 2021. Houston media critic Mike McGuff says they’re considering new options. “The broadcast networks are actually buying shows that might have aired on cable network that showed some kind of popularity so there will be some new stuff,” he says.

As with everything else in life, Covid 19 has turned Hollywood upside down, social-distancing requirements and fears of insurance repercussions curtailing production of all scripted and non-scripted programming.

The CW is tentatively planning on moving their new fall programs to a January start date, their president saying the idea of things being ready by then as realistic as any other guess.

And it couldn’t come at a worse time. Viewing, broadcast, cable and streaming, are at record-setting levels. The Food Channel’s rating are up 25% for April and HBTV is up 22%.

Fox has a couple new shows already in the can before Covid hit. Filthy Rich with Kim Catrell is on tap, and an AI thriller starring John Slattery, and they are going to run LA’s Finest which showed promise the first time all over again to see if it gains more traction this time around.

There was a time TV seasons ended with very extensively planned cliff-hangers. Think – who shot JR. This year, it’s a season of with a cliff-hanging beginning. Where can it go from here? For many fans, as long as there is some type of professional, live sports, it will be manageable.

Of what IS known, here is Indiwire's list of what to expect.

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