Mainstream media pushes an impossible testing standard

The first benchmark was flattening the curve. That changed to no new positive tests. Not the mainstream media is trying to move the goal post again.

It's about testing now. ABC's Jonathan Karl asked the President when everyone could be tested every day.

Karl asked, "Your staff, your senior staff, as you just referenced, is able to get tested every day; when will it be that Americans across the country will be able to get tested every day as they go back to work?"

That's the message now. A test for every working American every day. Brandon Morse at Red State told KTRH that's just not going to happen.

"We don't have the resources to test every single person in America every single day," Morse explained. "We don't have the time to even manufacture that many testing kits."

So what's driving this new narrative?

"They want to keep it going, because if people are afraid and watching, they are watching them. Their ad rates go up," Morse said. "The amount of disgust that I have right now for the mainstream mediais pretty high. They don't seem to mind that there are people suffering right now."

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