What good do the models do if they change all the time?

Throughout the pandemic you have heard scientists and the mainstream media talk about the models. In fact, they talk about them constantly. But there's just one problem.

That problem is that the projections; the models, haven't been accurate. They projections have changed multiple times. Charles Blain at Urban Reform says using models as a guideline is fine. Beyond that you have problems.

"To set policy where you are affecting day to day life based on data that changes every day doesn't seem like a good idea," Blain stated.

What makes it worse is that since the models keep changing, so does the reaction to those models.

"At the beginning of this they said the idea was to flatten the curve to not overwhelm the hospitals. Locally we are past that point, but we are still seeing more rules and regulations come down,' Blain explained.

Blain says he's worried that if the goal post keeps getting moved by lawmakers, you will simply stop listening.

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