Pandemic may give Trump opponents another chance to destroy what he built

First the 'Deep State' tried to take down President Trump. Then Democrats impeached him. Now, some fear the pandemic may provide the resistance with their third chance to destroy what Trump built in three years as President.

This isn't so much about the virus as much as it is about how the left reacted to it. Political analyst Debbie Georgatos says that is what's so dangerous.

"More and more elected officials using the threat and danger of the virus to take away civil liberty, and, ultimately, to damage the American economy," Georgatos explained.

Which is what we've seen in Harris County with Judge Lina Hidalgo's executive orders to wear masks and keep non essential businesses closed. Georgatos says the end game is simple; destroy what President Trump built.

"This is their opportunity to take down and destroy all of the good created in the American economy over the last three years," Georgatos said, adding that this is because they can't admit that a capitalist economy, not socialism, can be successful.

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