Nursing Shortage in America Getting Worse?

A bright spotlight is shining on over-stressed nurses who are caring for Covid-19 cases. Many people think seeing nurses in the trenches could dissuade high school graduates from going into nursing. Dean of UTMB Nursing School Dr. Deborah Jones doesn't think so. "The majority of those who have applied to nursing school have a calling to make a difference in the world and help people every day." She says retired nurses are even coming back. "Many are working in areas that are not directly helping Covid-19 patients, but doing other nursing tasks that allow a currently practicing nurse go into the Covid-19 unit where they will be directly involved."

Governor orders more Hospital Beds

The Dean says their enrollment numbers are steady but she admits, however, that some in current nurses who are working in the trenches may leave. "I think those who are making the decision to get out of nursing are making the decision for a temporary leave, not a permanent one. It's because of what they are facing on the front line."

Dr. Jones says nursing is a great career that can allow you to move anywhere, work in various businesses and make you a good living.

Nurses in a Covid-19 unit

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