Rethinking the Modern American Office

“Please, step into my office, and don’t mind the clothes on the floor.” Working from home has become a challenge for some and a blessing for others. According to a recent poll, people are almost evenly split on whether or not they enjoy working from home. A survey by OnePoll in conjunction with GoTo finds employees love the perks of working from home. Here's what they like most:

1. Flexible schedule 52%

2. Saving money 48%

3. Access to kitchen 47%

4. Wearing whatever they want 45%

5. Completing weekend to-do's 44%

CUTTING THE COMMUTE: More Companies Allow Work From Home

And 48% said they’d be willing to take a pay cut to the have the freedom to work from home. Texas business workplace culture specialist Cheri Perry says if you are among those, you should talk to your boss. “’Hey, listen, working from home is a great place for me and if I am willing to take a pay cut, here’s why….’ Maybe they get a little extra flexibility and they’re not expected to be on the clock from 9 to 5.” Perry says if you fit the profile of someone who is as productive in your home office as you are in another building, it’s an important conversation to have. “If you’ve got staff members on your team who are naturally wired to work from home and they can do all these things and still be productive at home that’s a win-win, and that’s a conversation an employee should initiate with an employer,” she advises.

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