Doctor’s Offices: Living in a Ghost Town

The Rolling Stones new hit “Living in a Ghost Town” is a perfect accompaniment to a doctor’s office. You’re not likely to find many other patients there, and that has KTRH medical expert Dr. Joe Galati, the Medical Director for the Center Liver Disease and Transplantation at The Methodist Hospital whose world-renowned practice is Liver Specialists of Texas, worried about you.

“People are so scared that they’re not using their heads,” Dr. Galati tells KTRH. “They are more afraid of something they don’t have rather than fearing complications of diabetes, heart disease or liver disease.”

Doctors have been waving red flags for more than a month about the potential consequences of so many putting off their immediate health needs. Emergency room visits are down 50% in New York City, a trend likely found in other regions. Many physicians say they’ve never seen anything like what’s happening today.

“The reality is, if you have an active problem, you’re going to get sick from a known problem, rather than a potential problem, and that’s the message we have to get out,” Galati says.

Dr. Galati says medical practitioners are the people most qualified to protect you from catching a virus, and they are exercising all precautions in their practice.Do not let your fear of Cornavirus stop you from seeing your doctor and tending to your healthcare needs.

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