Days Blur Together as Quarantined Americans Binge on TV

If you've been spending more time watching TV during the stay-at-home orders, you're not alone. A new study suggests, for many, the weekend and the weekdays are blending together, as are our viewing habits.

For millions of Americans, Monday is the new weekend. Comcast says Americans have watched more TV on Mondays than Saturdays in the past month. They’ve added eight hours more in general per week. Comcast also found a 40 percent upswing in late-night viewing, which means their customers are staying up later than usual.

“That definition of the weekend and the weekday has for many people really blurred. People working from home can choose when to do that,” Robert Thompson, Syracuse University Professor of Television and Pop Culture said.

“This quarantine happens comes in a time when we have got not an infinite amount of choices to watch on television, but pretty close to it if we in fact have a decent broadband connect and subscriptions to a few streaming services,” Thompson added.

Thompson says he's not surprised the surge in TV viewership also comes with a 35% increase in streaming and web video consumption.

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