We're all getting tired of this, together

More than a third of consumers in an advertising survey say they're sick of hearing "we're all in this together." A U of H marketing professor agrees.

Dr. Betsy Gelb in the Bauer College of Business says the ads could give information.

"We are donating masks to frontline workers; we are feeding the hungry in one context or other."

Dr. Gelb says "we're all in this together" is too obvious.

"If you actually do something and then tell your audience you did it that makes sense to me; ‘we're all in this together’ does not make sense to me."

Dr. Gelb says she expects a little more creativity.

"I can understand why they're doing it, because it couldn't possibly offend anybody. But, on the other hand, it just shows a lack of creativity, I guess is what I would say, bottom line.

Experts say, for some brands, there's no need to mention the pandemic at all.

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