Did we have to kill the American economy for this?

Millions are out of work. Many businesses are barely hanging on. We killed the economy because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Many think we didn't have to.

You can put former Texas State Senator Don Huffines in that camp. He tells KTRH we let emotions guide our actions, as opposed to logic.

"The virus is real and scary. But destroying the American economy was certainly not necessary to combat the virus," Huffines explained.

Huffines, whose brother was the leader of Governor Abbott's task force to re-open Texas, says we should have looked at alternatives.

"We certainly could have explored different ways and given it more contemplation instead of being emotional about it. Some other countries have. Sweden didn't have this mandatory social distancing," Huffines said, adding that the consequences of this, especially to the Texas economy, could be "generational."

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