You may have already had COVID-19

For weeks we have been hearing about COVID-19, and what you are hearing might make you wonder about the cold or flu you may have had earlier this winter.

It's something you've been hearing a lot lately. People wondering if the cold or flu they had months ago was in fact the coronavirus. PJ Media's Bryan Preston says it's that a crazy question to ask.

"To ponder whether or not you had COVID back in January or February is not really out of line simply because we know it was spreading around," Preston explained.

In fact, Preston says when the research is all said and done, a lot of what we think we know right now might change.

"I'll expect the dates to move around; when the first case was really here, and how lethal that case or other cases, really were," Preston stated.

And if it was here earlier than we thought, we can then ask if shutting down the country's economy was really necessary.

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