Learn a New Language During Stay-Home Time

What are you doing with the extra time you have while being "grounded" like a teenager. Spend some of your Stay-at-Home time learning another language. Which one would be the easiest for an English native-speaking adult? Dr. Ivelesse Urban of Tarlton State thinks one language is easier for you than others mostly because you are surrounded by it. "I would think Spanish is a really good idea. Just pay attention to everything around you and you'll see why!" Dr. Urban says learning any new language is a good investment in yourself. "There's a connection between language and math, grammar and math and even poetry and math - if you can imagine that!"

Not Learning Foreign Languages Could Hurt the U.S.

Dr. Urban says learning any new language helps you open up your brain to other learning as well. "When we learn another language we actually understand our own native language better. Also - it puts you in a better position when you are competing for jobs."

And with language comes learning about other cultures, their humor and their food. The Foreign Service Institute says it should take you 600 hours of study to be proficient in Spanish.

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Learning Spanish while on Stay-at-Home

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