Alarmists warn of second wave, but is this already it?

Alarmists on the left say re-opening Texas could lead to a second wave of the virus. But those alarmists may have forgotten something.

And that 'something,' according to Red State Managing Editor 'Streiff,' is the notion that what we are in right now is actually the second wave of the virus.

"There's a great deal of information to indicate that we've already had the first wave; that the first wave actually hit in November and December," he explained.

'Streiff' says the proof is the reports of the unusually tough flu season, and deaths from the virus that took place in early February. So why is the left ringing alarm bells? He says it's about power.

"Look at Michigan. The Governor is saying that inside of a Walmart you can buy one product, but not another. There's no logical reason for that," he said.

Except one thing. They want to control every part of your life.

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