Happy Covid Mother’s Day!

Honoring mom is going to be a little different this year, and however you traditionally celebrate the day, you need to plan ahead.

The focus on Covid19 has distracted us from the calendar and awareness that Mother’s Day is May 10th, a week from this weekend, putting us in something of a time-crunch at a time when nothing is running on time!

If you need to order flowers for delivery, do it early. Like, now, while you’re thinking about it. Everything is moving in slow motion, including processing orders.

That’s also slowing down delivery of online gift purchases. If you’re ordering, you may already be too late, but check and confirm the delivery date before making a purchase. Also be aware that as supply chains have slowed availability of products could be limited.

76% of households will be honoring mom, according to retailmenot.com, and on average are spending around $97 this year.

Her top choice for a gift remains a nice meal, and that’s going to be dicey, according to Melissa Stewart, Executive Director of the Greater Houston Restaurant Association. “This is going to be a real challenge for the restaurant industry. Mother’s Day is typically one of our biggest days of the year. We will only be at a maximum of 25% of capacity inside restaurants when usually we’re at 150% capacity.” That means a lot of traditions will be broken this year. If you have a particular favorite restaurant that you frequent each May, call ahead and see what they’re offering. You might be able to make reservations, but those will be limited. Many restaurants are putting together highly creative and scrumptious choices for day that will be available for curbside pickup or delivery. “It looks a little different this year but you’ll get the same great flavor. But it’s going to be taken to your table instead of theirs,” says Stewart.

Mom’s second choice for a gift is a gift card, and those are available at most drug and grocery stores. You can knock out two birds with one stone buying a restaurant gift card. Her third choice is flowers, and those you can get at a grocery store or florist.

Choices of Mother’s Day cards will get slimmer as time goes by, so stop by Michael's and get crafts to have the kids make one. Or write a lovely, heartfelt letter. Give her something to remember the very odd Mother’s Day of Covid19 by.

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