For mainstream media, it's all virus all the time

If you turn on cable news or log on to a news website, you see that one issue dominates everything; COVID-19.

They aren't talking about anything else. There isn't any talk about the election. You hear nothing about the sexual assault accusation against Joe Biden, which helps him and Democrats. Jake Novak at CNBC explains why it's all virus all the time.

"The biggest, most enduring, and oldest bias in news is the bias in favor of negative, sensational, and scary stories. That's true of the way we hype up snowstorms all the way to something like this," Novak explained.

And talking about Biden means he can't be protected, so it's not being done. In fact, Novak says the mainstream media is fixated on President Trump.

"You would hope when lives are at stake, people would forget about Trump for a second, but that has not been the case," Novak stated, adding that what also bothers him is that the mainstream media is rooting for a particular outcome when it comes to states like Texas re-opening.

And unfortunately, the desired outcome is negative.

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