Are we suffering from 'Quarantine Fatigue?'

Public health officials are concerned that we are suffering from 'quarantine fatigue,' and with good reason.

Research says less people are actually staying at home. Research done at the University of Maryland says the share of people presumed to have stayed home last week was down to 31%, Dr, Peter Hotez at the Baylor College of Medicine isn't surprised.

"We're not meant to be hunkered down indoors for long periods of time. And especially now with the weather getting nice, this is going to be tough," Hotez explained.

Which is why Texans were happy to have Governor Greg Abbott lifting restrictions. What does Hotez think?

"There's no real road map here. Everyone is trying to figure their way out of this mess the best way we can. I am more or less aligned with the Governor on the big picture," Hotez explained.

The Maryland research also found daily trips went up by 4 percent over the last week.

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