Abbott to open more businesses; Hidalgo's face mask order in effect

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has already opened up some Texas businesses. He will open more businesses as Texas continues to re-open the economy.

The Governor is set to announce other ways that Texas can re-open with social distancing. He talked last week about the possibility that hair salons can re-open. He's talked about allowing restaurants to let you dine in again, and other moves to help the economy. Houston City Council Member Michael Kubosh says small business owners are telling him they need to be open to survive.

"They are saying that they can't continue like this. Their rents continue. Their loans continue. And yet there's no revenue. There's no income," Kubosh said.

In the meantime, Harris County Judge Line Hidalgo's controversial face mask order goes into effect today. Kubosh was one of four council members to sign a petition against it.

"She wants to criminalize all the people that aren't criminals, and let all the criminals out of jail," Kubosh stated, adding that the prospect of being fined for not wearing a face covering is "Draconian."

Opponents of the order failed to get a temporary restraining order on Friday. They went to the Texas Supreme Court last night and expect a ruling today.

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