No soap on produce, just cool water

You may worry about the safety of your groceries. But don't wash fruits and vegetables with soap.

Rebecca Dittmar is coordinator of the Food Protection Management program for Texas A&M Extension Service.

"We don't recommend consumers wash their produce with any type of cleaner or anything of that nature."

Dittmar says wash your hands and wash sinks and food preparation areas. As for fruits and vegetables...

"Run those under cool, running water. If it's a root-type vegetable or a rough-surfaced vegetable you might want to use a brush."

Dittmar says if you go to a restaurant for takeout, wash your hands and use common sense.

"I think you can take special precautions; with curbside, keep social distancing measures in place, avoid crowded areas and things like that."

Dittmar says fast food workers should be wearing gloves, hopefully.

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