How effective are DIY facemasks?? Some say only 2-3%

Beginning on Monday, residents in Harris County and the city of Houston are required to cover their faces when they are outside. But how effective are those DIY facemasks we are all seeing and making?

It turns out, not so much. There are some epidemiologists who say the masks are only 2-3% effective. Another study says the homemade masks should only be used as "a last resort." Infectious disease expert Patty Olinger tells KTRH while the masks aren't 100% effective, she's not sure the number is that low, either.

"It depends. That 2% is a pretty definitive number. I've seen homemade masks that I would not even think about wearing," Olinger said.

So, if you make your own mask. How should you do it?

"Look at multiple layers. There is some information out there and guidance that was given years ago," Olinger stated.

And the CDC has put out a video showing you how to make your own mask. Check it out below.

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