Fewer Scam Calls Lately

The number of scam calls you and your friends get may have slowed down lately. Scam callers say they are with the IRS, your credit card service or even your bank.

Scam expert Steve Weisman of Scamicide Dot Com says the calls usually come from large boiler rooms in India, Pakistan or The Philippines. Weisman explains why they have slowed down, "The large boiler room calls where everyone is sitting next to each other and making millions of calls are not sending as much as they had before the beginning of the Coronavirus outbreak.They are even having some social distancing there in those countries. Some of the people who would be in these large call centers are working at home and they are not adjusting as fast either."

Medicare Phone Scams

Weisman says to enjoy it for a while, These criminals may be taking care of their employees, but they still want your money.

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Fewer scammer calls lately

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