Economist: Next six weeks crucial for America's financial future

Economists say the next six weeks will tell is a lot about where the American economy, in the beginning stages of re-starting due to the COVID-19 pandemic, will wind up going.

In fact, one economist, Alan Lancz says the next six weeks are the most critical in American financial history. Lone Star College's Hank Lewis agrees.

"Not since the period after the crash of '29 has a more critical phase entered our economy thanks to external issues that we had no control over," Lewis said.

Even if the re-opening of the American economy goes off without a hitch, Lewis says the V-shaped recovery the Trump White House is forecasting is a bit ambitious.

"Recessions happen very hard, and they happen very quickly relative to recoveries that tend to be more protracted and drawn out. Of course some recoveries take longer than others," Lewis explained.

In case you think Lancz is off base, consider this. When everyone else lost money in 1987 and 2008, he made a profit.

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