Workforce Commission Adds Staff, Increases Hours to Help Unemployed Texans

Are you having trouble getting someone on the phone to apply for unemployment benefits? You might have better luck this week.

Members of the Texas Workforce Commission say they're stepping up their efforts. Two new call centers are open this week, plus another two are in the works. When they are finished, the total will be eight call centers across the Lone Star State. Spokesperson Cisco Gamez says the state agency been hiring and training hundreds to keep up with the growing number of unemployment applications.

“I understand there are still some Texans out there that are having trouble getting through on the phone lines,” Gamez said. “The Texas Workforce Commission is committed to helping them and we are making changes. Everyone that qualifies for unemployment insurance will receive them.”

Gamez says more than 1.4 million Texans have applied for benefits. That's more than 2 years’ worth of claims in just 36 days. During the week of April 13th, the commission paid out more than half a billion dollars. Applications have skyrocketed since mid-March amid the Coronavirus pandemic.

Gamez says if you need unemployment benefits, he suggests applying online: CLICK HERE

He also says if you are looking for work, there are hundreds of thousands of jobs posted online at

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