Virus Vigilance: Former SEAL Warns U.S. Enemies Watching

As America continues to battle the coronavirus pandemic and its devastating effects on our economy, we should also keep a wary eye on those around the world who would do us harm. That's the warning from former Navy SEAL sniper Jack Carr, author of the new book Savage Son. In a recent column, Carr noted that the damage our country is enduring from the pandemic could be used as a blueprint for our enemies, writing "our enemies...are studying the impact of Covid-19 and evaluating how best to exploit our weaknesses in the future."

Carr believes the U.S. should keep its guard up against all foreign threats amidst this pandemic. "When I say 'enemies', I don't just mean state actors like China, Russia, Iran, North Korea, but I also mean non-state actors like terrorist organizations, drug cartels, proxy groups," he tells KTRH. "They've seen that our economy has spiraled downward in a way that the Soviet Union could not do in 40-plus years of trying to make that happen, so they're definitely taking notes."

Carr is especially wary of China, where the coronavirus originated under suspicious circumstances. "It would not surprise me if this infectious disease did, in fact, escape from a lab due to some type of poor practice or something like that," he says.

While the U.S. must work with other nations to fight the Covid-19 pandemic around the world, Carr wants us to remain vigilant on nations like China and Russia, which do not have our best interests at heart. "Those of us who grew up toward the end of the Cold War remember there was a very distinct shift in (America's) language toward Russia and China in the early 90s--from enemy to strategic partner," he says. "But they haven't really shifted...they still view us as the enemy."

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