When parents eventually go back to work, there's one problem they'll face

When the stay at home orders are eventually lifted, parents of school aged kids are going to have to figure out how to deal with a big problem.

That problem; what to do with your kids, especially if they aren't allowed to go back to school. Parenting expert Maria Luce says it's a question many of her friends have been asking.

"It's a common theme that we are hearing, because this is just adding more complications to what is already a challenge for most families, and that is child care," Luce explained.

So what should you do do if that's how this plays out? Luce says the first thing to do is call your boss.

"They are more likely to work with you. Maybe they will let you work at home or work different hours," Luce explained. "It's a new landscape, so that's the first place I would have parents go."

And if they don't work with you, Luce says there are other options that include asking a family member to help you out.

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