Just like the Terminator, theaters will be back

Normally, this might be a date night at the movies, but not these days. Some Hollywood premieres have moved from theaters to the living room.

Houston movie critic Joshua Starnes says in most cases the living room releases will be movies that weren't expected to do well at the box office anyway, but that's not the case with 'Trolls World Tour.

"Theaters were not happy with Universal deciding to put Trolls right on to video."

Starnes says most of the big movies will still be in theaters, but we'll have to wait a while.

"They've pushed James Bond back, they've pushed Fast and Furious 9 back, and they’ve pushed Wonder Woman back."

Starnes says theaters will survive because a blockbuster makes a ton more in theaters than on home video.

"The big question is what they're going to have available to them and how long the movies may be around but we're gonna have theaters in some form and the studios are going to want to wait for them they're not going to want to put them on home video."

Starnes says the decision to release 'Trolls World Tour' to the living room angered theater chains, but the studios needed some quick cash.

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