San Antonio Leather and Canvas Maker Now Producing Face Masks

San Antonio’s leather and canvas goods manufacturer, Jon Hart Design, announced Tuesday the production of protective face masks for the public as the coronavirus pandemic continues, tapping employees and local partners to craft more than 1,000 masks per day.

As the coronavirus continues to spread across the country and state of Texas, Jon Hart Design has responded rapidly by redeploying its staff and sewers to towards tackling the face mask shortage while forming mask production and material partnerships with San Antonio Lighthouse for the Blind, GameGuard, JoAnn Fabrics and SAS (San Antonio Shoe) in order to increase production and fill orders.

The companies partnering with Jon Hart Design in face mask production accomplished a supply chain strategy with the application of available resources and materials in just one week. “During the first week of production, the Jon Hart Design team created and delivered more than 1,000 masks per day,” said Sharon Durham, president of Jon Hart Design. “We foresee reaching production of more than 3,000 masks per day.”

Jon Hart Design initially crafted its ‘duckbill’ face mask design based on advice and guidance from Durham’s sister, a registered ICU nurse. Additional design changes have been incorporated with feedback from early face mask users. Many of the masks are constructed using GameGuard material, offering higher breathability and are fully reusable. While not approved by the FDA, the face masks meet all CDC guidelines for cotton masks and are now being made to include a filter pocket.

“Our team began looking at ways we could quickly utilize our abilities and resources to help combat in the shared fight against COVID-19 while keeping as many team members working and employed as possible,” said Durham. “We are working around the clock with our incredible partners and sewers to fill orders and help protect members of the community.”

Jon Hart Design began with bringing back a dozen full-time sewers working at its San Antonio facility. This week they will add new sewing shifts in order to ramp up production while maintaining a safe distance between employee work stations. In addition to helping resolve the nationwide shortage of protective and medical face masks, the company is working diligently to continue to provide work for its employees and has joined the 100 Million Mask Challenge.

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