Take-Out is Saving Local Restaurants

Houston is known for its wide range of restaurants - and you can't sit down at any of them. In a matter of weeks, your life has changed and that includes the simple pleasure of going out to eat with friends.

Quite a few have closed their doors but others are trying to bring in business by upping their take-out service game. Melissa Stewart of the Greater Houston Restaurant Association says local restaurateurs are working hard to keep their staffs working. "We've had a little bit of a Trial by Fire. What travels well and what doesn't; packaging, food safety."

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She says it's working, the client base is growing and other restaurants are re-opening for take out only. Stewart says although some restaurants won't survive, she thinks those that are innovative will come back strong when we will go back to our former ways.

"As we begin to emerge from our lock down, people are going to have that need for a feeling of normalcy. Getting in your car and going out and letting someone else do the dishes! We could potentially see an uptick. We're getting better at it every day." Stewart urges you to go by and pick up take out from your favorite restaurants that are offering it.

And don't forget the tip.

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Take out food that's saving a restaurant

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