Survey says $1,200 isn't enough

In a survey, nearly a third of respondents say a $1,200 stimulus check isn't enough. Small business owners say they're gonna need more, too.

Rice economics Professor John Diamond says he's not surprised to hear it.

"I can see that it wouldn't be enough; I bet most people's rent is probably more than $1,200 a month."

Professor Diamond says small businesses will need more stimulus.

"On the small business side, the first part we did was enough when we did it, but it's time to do more."

Professor Diamond says the federal government should keep making loans available to small businesses until the crisis is over.

"I think the best way to do this is to do it in small increments, as often as we need to do it, and just keep doing it until we're past this crisis."

In that survey 8% said a $1,200 check won't help them at all.

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