Essential workers exploring legal options due to outbreak

Some essential workers are weighing legal options because of the danger they face from COVID-19.

In fact, some are calling lawyers because they don't have enough protective equipment. H-R expert Adam Calli says he always thought lawsuits were possible.

"I'm not surprised because this is America. Everybody sues everybody for everything. And for something as extreme as this? It doesn't surprise me at all," Callie explained.

So, did we put essential workers at risk, or is this what they signed up for? Calli says the only way to avoid these questions, and maybe a courtroom, is for employers and employees to work together.

"If I am out of business you are out of work," Calli said. "How do we do things together to keep you safe and us in business so that you keep getting a paycheck?

One lawsuit is moving forward. The family of a Chicago area Walmart employee that died from COVID-19 complications is suing the retail giant.

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