Crisis time work will bring about improvements

In difficult working circumstances there is the opportunity for change.

Managers and staffs - both working from home - are experimenting and finding what works and what doesn't as they keep business flowing from remote locations. Rice University Business expert Scott Sonenshein says that can be a good thing. "As challenging as these times are for people, in the long term it's going to spark innovations from what we make to how we work." Some of your adjustments may change future policy - like replacing a long, boring weekly staff meeting into a not-so long and boring weekly email.

Small Business Losses and Covid-19

Losing part of your customer base because of the Covid-19 crisis can make you sad and angry According to Sonenshein it can also make you resourceful and willing to experiment! "These 'little experiments' are going to turn into long-term innovations because managers are realizing that they can make work more efficient and their staff's lives better." Sonenshein says these changes can range from automotive manufacturers pivoting to produce ventilators to restaurants improving their take-out mode.

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Working from home and being flexible about it.

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