The Amount You’re Saving During Covid 19

Have you checked your bank account lately? Not only for your stimulus check but for how much money you’re not spending that you normally would have?

When was the last time you filled the tank?Oh, sure you have three years of toilet paper stashed in the garage and there is the expense of all the food you stocked up on, but besides that….people are finding that the possible silver lining to being quarantined in our homes is that we’re not spending as much money.

“We found that the average person saves about $1700 a month by being quarantined, and most of that is child care costs,” says Nick Johnson, one of the developers of Home Snacks, who developed a nifty little calculator where you can estimate your savings.“We’re not going out, we’re not driving to work, we’re not doing things that we used to do, like going out to sit down restaurants and going to bars,” he adds.

How about you? Here’s the link.

Piggy Bank wearing protective mask

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