Houston Area Contractors Feeling the Covid-19 Affect

Houston area contractors are seeing a slow down. Home Improvement expert Jim Dutton who says his own business is down a bit. "So many people are holding off to see what will happen with the economy. Many people are reluctant now to part with their money. A lot of people aren't calling because they don't want people in their house until the virus calms down"

Updating Your Home for Fun and Profit

Dutton does admit that one industry is gaining customers: Do It Yourself. Big box home improvement stores down to neighborhood lumbar yards are seeing a surge in business. "People have time at home and are trying to make repairs or upgrades that should have been made months or even years ago."

And when times change, some of those DIY-ers will be calling him to fix what they messed up.

You can hear Jim Dutton and Texas Home Improvement every weekend on KTRH.


Homeowner trying to fix it himself instead of calling a contractor

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