Americans Blame China for Coronavirus Outbreak

The vast majority of Americans say China is responsible for the Coronavirus Pandemic. That's according to a new Harris poll, which also says Americans think the Chinese government has been covering up the impact COVID-19 has had on its own people.

The poll finds Republicans, Democrats, and Independents all point the finger at china. However, the responses vary about to what extent. Nearly three in ten Americans (29%) think the virus was made in a lab. Human rights activist Steven Mosher, who has written extensively about the Communist Government in Beijing, first talked about the possibility on Fox News in February.

“They are strengthening the handling of dangerous pathogens and viruses in the middle of an epidemic, which suggests what? That [the Chinese] mishandled the virus they were experimenting on in Wuhan,” Mosher said.

U.S. Intelligence officials don't have evidence to show the virus was created in a lab. The Chinese government is accused of silencing its own people and downplaying the extent of the outbreak in November.

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