Social Distancing Includes your Pets!

On top of everything you're going through now, add worrying about our pets social distancing. We know we can give Covid-19 to other people, and Veterinarian Dr. Brian Beale with Beale Veterinary Specialists and Emergency says that's not all. "While we're social distancing - include your pets. Covid-19 is primarily a human disease - it has been shown that humans can give it to animals and has been proved in a clinical study." Dr. Beale says so far there is no proof you can get it from your pets, but urges you to keep yourself and your pets away from other people and pets now.

He's also watching Texas for Covid-19 pet cases. "So far I have not seen confirmations of Covid 19 in dogs or cats or any other domestic animals in the state." He also says so far there is no proof that we can get it from our pets.

Dr. Beale's advice: "If you don't have the disease, you and your pet should social distance from other people and their pets. You don't know where they have been and whom they have touched. "

The Bronx zoo tiger who contracted Covid-19 from a trainer is also on our minds. "Tigers get a lot of the same diseases that domestic cats get. It's not surprising that this would happen in the area that is the epicenter of the outbreak in the U.S. If other big cats there are infected, it's probably from being touched by the same trainer."

Dr. Beale says the big feline is already improving and there's a good prognosis for that tiger.

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Social Distancing Goes for Your Pets Too
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Houston Petset: For the Animals

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