Dr. using hydroxychloroquine at Texas City nursing home explains decision

Earlier this week we told you that 27 patients at a Texas City nursing home were being treated for the coronavirus with hydroxychloroquine . The doctor who went ahead with this decision is speaking out.

Dr. Robin Armstrong, who is also a RNC Committeeman, told KTRH if his mother were a COVID-19 patient, he would do the exact same thing.

"These folks deserve to be treated as aggressively as anybody else. If my mom were infected I would certainly treat her with this medication," Armstrong said.

Armstrong says the facility he works at had an outbreak; 56 COVID-19 positive patients and 30 staff members. He says we should know how patients react by next Monday.

"That's typically the time when they will either have respiratory distress and need to be hospitalized, or they will continue to improve and get better," Armstrong explained. "Studies have shown that by Day six from the start of treatment, viral loads are significantly less."

The patients are still at the nursing home and not in the hospital. Armstrong says that's being done to protect others.

"If you transport 56 elderly patients to the hospital, you expose 56 EMS workers, countless nurses, and countless doctors," Armstrong stated.

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