How will we know when it's safe to end the COVID-19 lockdown?

We are all stuck at home through the end of the month. But when will we know that it's okay to end the COVID-19 shutdown?

The majority of people didn't argue with the shutdowns that we have seen, but CNBC's Jake Novak says no one has thought beyond the shutdown, and that's a problem.

"We are really left with no roadmap to get out of this. From an economic, psychological, legal and constitutional standpoint, this is very wrong. We need to have some kind of a road map," Novak said.

He would like to see a panel put together to put together a checklist that would include medical milestones.

"Say, three or four straight days of fewer deaths," Novak explained. "Not a lower percentage, but a lower number of deaths, which, by the way, we are starting to see in Europe. Spain has recorded several days now with fewer deaths than the day before."

Novak also doesn't want the medical experts to be the only one deciding when we return to normal life.

"We need people who understand the economy. We need people who understand psychology. And we need people who understand that there has to be some way out of this.

For more on what Novak thinks should be on this checklist, click HERE.

There has been one commission announced to take a look at recovery. Yesterday the Heritage Foundation announced it is launching the National Recovery Commission, which will have experts from multiple fields. Read more about that HERE.

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