State Coronavirus Numbers Are Rising

As of Saturday evening the number of cases of Coronavirus in Texas jumped from 6,050 to 6,762.

There have been 124 fatalities statewide.

There are 2,084 cases in the Houston area, up from 228 on Friday. The numbers are expected to increase exponentially as more test results are reported.

86 cases are reported at The Resort at Texas City, a senior citizen community, and have been closely monitored since first discovered last week. Focus is shifting to Southeast Houston where another nursing home finds three residents with positive test results. The name of the facility will not be made public until all family members of residents have been notified.

A testing site in Baytown run by Harris County Public Health is open today after closing due to rain Saturday. Anyone who had a Saturday appointment that was cancelled for rain is asked to show up at the same time today.


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