Pharmacies Are Prepared for Your Prescription

The availability of medications from the corner drug store is weighing heavily on some people’s minds, and Carter High, a pharmacist and Director of Legislative Affairs for Best Value Pharmacies in the Fort Worth area and president of the Alliance of Independent Pharmacists of Texas, is reassuring. “Those supplies are still holding up.We haven’t seen any allocation or availability issues with most drugs that were not affected prior to the Covid-19 disruption,” he tells KTRH News.

Since President Trump’s suggestion that hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin are effective in treating Covid-19 symptoms there has been a rush on the two medications, and those you may have trouble filling a prescription for.Dr. High says the manufacturers who compound prescription drugs generally keep two months of raw materials on hand so no immediate shortfalls are expected.

His concern is that people panic. Drug stores and every retailer saw what that looks like when shelves were emptied of rolls of toilet paper. He suggests any concerns you may have about your medications are best addressed with your pharmacist, who can share with you what they are seeing.It’s not the time for hoarding what isn’t immediately needed.

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