Is retail too big to fail?

You can shop online, but brick and mortar stores are mostly closed and that's a big deal. Some think we may need a government bailout of the retail sector.

Dana Telsey of the Telsey Advisory Group told CNBC retail accounts for $2.6-trillion of GDP.

"The retail industry which overall directly supports one in four U.S. jobs, 52-million working Americans; it's the largest private sector employer in the country. We need these retailors to get through to the other side and some won't make it."

Telsey says retail may indeed be too big to fail.

"Retail accounts for $2.6-trillion of annual GDP, so it's an important industry for the U.S., it's an important industry for working Americans; so we need all these retailors to be able to be healthy and strong."

What are Americans buying during the pandemic? Home exercise equipment and bicycles; electronic goods; gardening supplies and games. And coffee is very popular right now.

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