How will this pandemic change our lives once it ends?

We know the pandemic will end at some point. We know things will change once that happens. What we don't know is how much change there will be.

We do know technology will be what drives those changes. Syracuse University's Robert Thompson says our work lives will be different than they were before COVID-19.

"This has taken all of those work at home possibilities and completely spread them across the entire work force," Thompson said.

In other words, more companies will be moving to a work from home model. Education could change, too, because of remote learning. Thompson says this pandemic's impact is similar to major events form the 20th Century.

The most apt comparisons would be the Great Depression and World War II," Thompson stated.

And while we seem united right now, Thompson says when this is over, after time, things will revert to 'normal.' Just like it did after 9/11. Just like it did after Hurricane Harvey.

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