Here Are Some Easy Exercises to Do Today

It’s a shame we can’t all get together and gab about the wonderful hours and hours of stuff we’ve been streaming while downing Cheetos and ice cream with Coke on the side, but social distancing has everyone crashed on the couch in pajamas so we’ll just have to text and….

…wait. Are you getting enough exercise?Is the bathroom in your house as far to walk as the bathroom at your office? We’re eating poorly and not moving enough, says Felicia Lee Sexton, owner of the Women’s Health and Fitness Center. Stay focused and scheduled, she recommends. Our schedules are thrown off and malaise is encouraging us to become couch potatoes who snack. “People are dragging themselves up, they’re sitting down and snacking all day, and snacking on the wrong food.That is not helping our mental, physical or spiritual selves,” she says. How do you avoid tempting poor choices? Felicia says if you don’t buy it you don’t eat it.The choice is made in the grocery store, selecting from the outer aisles of healthy foods, not on the couch.

She suggests three simple exercises for you to do today.

1.Jumping jacks. If you want to add variety, hold 5 lb. weights.

2.Sit ups. Hook your toes under the couch, lock your fingers behind your head and work your abs. It’s about tightening your core.

3.Run in place. Lift your knees. Grab your 5 lb. weights and run.Or if you have a treadmill, that works for more than hanging clean laundry, and dust the seat off your exercise bike and give it a whirl.

Do at least one minute of each. Get yourself on a good schedule, and make exercise a part of the daily routine.

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