The Coronavirus pandemic will cause health insurance premiums to rise

The direst forecast expects health insurance premiums to rise 40% next year because of the Coronavirus. But some insurance experts say it's way too soon to tell.

Doug Badger at the Heritage Foundation says it's all speculation.

"I think every figure you hear about what's going to happen as a result of the virus is made up."

Michael Cannon at Cato says insurance companies are supposed to have money saved for emergencies, but Obamacare encouraged many to give it back to customers.

"The Affordable Care Act encouraged insurance companies to give away to healthy people money that they had set aside to meet the health care needs of sick people."

Both say when it's time to renew, shop around. You don't have to go with your employer's plan or Obamacare.

Badger says the study itself claims the range of increase is between four and 40%.

"Whether it will be a moderate increase that will figure into the mix with all the other things that cause premiums to go up from year to year or whether it will be sizable, we're a long way from knowing the answer to that question."

The study says the pandemic could cost insurance companies as much at $250-billion.

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