Harris County Election Officials Preparing for Increase in Mail-In Ballots

Election officials in Harris County say they're already gearing up for a big November election. They're preparing for a jump in the number of mail-in ballots and early voting.

The November 3rd general election is still more than half a year away. However, Harris county clerk Diane Trautman says they’re already working to encourage residents to register and voters to cast their ballots early. They're also taking steps in preparation for an increase in the number of mail-in ballots.

“In past elections, like the 2016 Presidential Primary, we processed as many as 112,000 mail-in ballots. That’s been the most for quite a while,” Trautman said. “But I would definitely expect an increase of that for November.”

Trautman says they'll have more than 700 voting locations across the county, practicing social distancing and offering hand sanitizer. Those same precautions will be place by the democratic run-off election starting July 6th.

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