Will pandemic change how we shop forever?

Many of you are already shopping online. Some of you tried it for the first time because you're stuck at home during this outbreak. Will COVID-19 forever change how we shop?

Online shopping was already growing, and now it's getting bigger because of the virus. But, retail expert Trae Bodge says that trend might reverse when things get back to normal.

"We're going to see so desperate for human contact, and so desperate to see things in person and have experiences that we are going to rush right back to the stores," Bodge said.

And while that might be true to start, Bodge says brick and mortar stores will need to step their game up to keep customers coming through their doors.

"It's really up to brick and mortar stores to maintain that connection with their customers, offer great service, and motivate that customer to come back and visit them in person," Bodge explained.

Bodge says that while online shopping is growing, it still accounts for just 10% of the total amount of shopping we do.

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