Can You Get Coronavirus off Cardboard?

Staying indoors and apart from the rest of the world means we’re ordering things we everything and having it delivered to our door. Does even that exposure make us vulnerable?

The FDA says coronavirus can’t live on cardboard for long, so it isn’t a great threat, and they’re not aware of it happening, but every precaution should be taken for safety.

On the Today Show NBC News medical correspondent Dr. John Torres addressed the concern people have for picking up that food container Amazon box on the doorstep. “Because the cardboard containers could theoretically have it, so be careful when you’re handling those. Take everything out of the box and wash your hands,” he tells viewers.

You keep hearing it over and over. “Wash your hands.” It’s the most important tip if you’re concerned about handling a box or bag or food delivery container. The risk is getting a virus on your hand and then touching your face where the virus can enter your body. The best defense is washing your hands.

Dr. Torres says if you’re uncomfortable with grocery or food deliveries, practice safety. “One thing you can have them do is have them deliver it right outside your door. Leave it there. They go away and you go outside and pick it up. Once you handle a container throw it out and wash your hands and go about your business.”

Coronavirus is transmitted person-to-person, generally by airborne droplets from a sneeze or cough.

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