Break up Amazon?

Amazon has gotten so big there are monopoly worries -- just like in the 90s with Microsoft. Amazon's cozy relationship with the government has some worried the feds won't do what's necessary to protect consumers.

Tech writer John Quain says some are talking about breaking up Amazon.

"You could split them up, let's say cloud services on one side and then everything else for Amazon. You could do that."

But Quain says Amazon is not just one massive, leviathan.

"A lot of small businesses work through Amazon too, so people have to remember 'hey, there are a lot of other companies, those of us who run our own businesses that also work through this.'"

Quain says it is troubling to see Amazon get government contracts to provide server storage for Americans' data. Many worry we're putting too many eggs in one basket.

But Quain says the main worry is for consumers.

"We need to have more companies that are able to fulfill that last couple of miles to us in the supply chain across the country because even as we get through this I think we're going to see more of this in the future and we're going to need more competition than just Wal-Mart and Amazon."

Many worry Amazon, with its government contracts to provide cloud services, is too cozy with the regulators.

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