Trump haters smell another conspiracy

Some reporters are asking 'can the President use the Coronavirus to delay the 2020 election?' We're not sure why he'd want to, but there's an easy answer to that question.

The answer is no. Hans von Spakovsky at the Heritage Foundation says the executive branch has no such power.

"If Congress wants to change the date it can do that but it would take a bill passed by the House and Senate and signed by the President."

But von Spakovsky says there's no need to change the date.

"You can request, receive and complete and mail an absentee ballot without ever leaving your home."

von Spakovsky says President Trump has no authority to change election dates.

"Neither the Constitution nor any federal statute gives the President or anyone else in the executive branch the ability to delay, suspend or otherwise put off the date of the November election."

von Spakovsky says the states can change the dates for primaries and state elections, but not the federal election in November.

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