Top Houston Vaccine Expert Responds to Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccines Concerns

Global health experts predict it will take at least a year to release a vaccine for COVID-19. But some anti-vaxxers are already voicing their concerns about the government pushing the vaccine on its citizens. An immunization expert here in Houston says that's not a concern.

Mike Ryan, the World Health Organization’s health emergencies program executive director, says they want to make sure a possible vaccine is “absolutely safe”. Dr. Melaine Mouzoon, and immunization specialist at Houston’s Kelsey-Seybold Clinic, says testing, not making the vaccine is what takes time.

“First, safety testing, to make sure that people don’t get sick from the vaccine,” Dr. Mouzoon told KTRH. “Then, efficacy testing, to make sure people who get the vaccine don’t get sick from the real coronavirus.”

Mouzoon also responded to some anti-vaxxers who are worried the government may eventually require citizens to get vaccine.

“Just as when polio vaccine came out, there will be lines of people clamoring to get this vaccine, and people who don’t want it I’m sure will be allowed to leave the line,” Mouzoon added.

Those who will likely be able to get the vaccine first: healthcare workers.

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