There's no good reason to fear adopting pets during the Covid-19 pandemic

There's worry the cancellation of pet adoption events, because of Coronavirus, will lead to more euthanizations at shelters. But experts say you shouldn't fear adopting pets because of Covid-19.

Veterinarian Dr. Brian Beale in Victoria says there's little reason to fear a shelter pet is infected.

"The Coronavirus that presently is affecting humans, we don't have any evidence that that is actually affecting our pets at this point in time."

Dr. Beale says it's possible adopted pets could carry the virus, but just give 'em a wash.

"If you just use good hygiene and clean the animal up I think the risk is extremely low, so I'd hate to see an increase of the amount of animals being euthanized for fear of contracting Covid-19."

Dr. Beale says there's no rational reason to worry about adopting pets.

"In essence, adopting a pet should be safe; just use good hygiene as you would with anything. Wash your hands very well and wash the pet as well."

Dr. Beale agrees we should cancel the adoption events to keep humans from infecting one another.

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