Millennials aren't getting the message when it comes to coronavirus

There seems to be a failure to communicate with millennials when it comes to the coronavirus outbreak.

You've seen the videos. Kids are on Spring Break partying, claiming they aren't worried, saying they deserve a chance to party, and that they will not get sick because they are young. Sherri Elliott-Yeary, the Generational Guru, isn't surprised.

"The news isn't big on their priority list. And they haven't had a big event that occurred in their life to shape their fear the way we did," Elliott-Yeary explained.

So the question begs to be asked. What should parents do?

"If they have a good relationship with their parents they will absolutely see the chain reaction of what it could do to their family," she said.

Because while they might not get sick, they could infect their parents or grandparents.

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